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When Gods Dance - DVD 7. BharataNatyam and Kathakali
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60 min
When Gods Dance - DVD 7. BharataNatyam and Kathakali

The first item in Mahesa Tandavam in praise of Nataraja by students of Singapore Indian Fine arts.

The second number is a Thillana from Sri GurubyoNamaha.

Gandhi Seva Sadan Kathakali Academy presents a scene from the puranic story Kalyana Sougandhikam. This ancient story unites the Ramayana and the Mahabharata by featuring one character from each of these great epics.Sadanam Manikandan plays Bhims and Kalanilayam Balakrishnan plays Hanuman.

This is followed by Purandara Dasa's Jagadhodharana, an abhinaya-oriented Bharata natyam number by Priyadarshini Govind. The poet describes how Yasoda treats her little son Krishna as a human child despite having foreknowledge of the fact that Krishna was God incarnate.

The video features is a visit Kalamandir, a dance school instituted by Shantananda Swami at Singapore

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