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When Gods Dance - DVD 5. BharataNatyam
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60 min
When Gods Dance - DVD 5. BharataNatyam

Part 9
The dance of Shiva is a favourite theme for all dancers, be it any classical style and so it is to the young Sandhya and Kiran (Bangalore), students of Padmini Ravi and from Sri Dhananjayan.
10 dancers of Nrityalaya Aesthetics society, Singapore, perform 10 Ravanas depicting the 10 heads of Ravana who is on his way to abducting Sita. This number is choreographed by Sri Bhaskar and Smt. Shanta Bhaskar, founders of Nrityalaya Aesthetics Society in Singapore.
The third item is Thaye Yashoda, describing pranks of Krishna performed by Smt. Radha, student of Ramaiya Pillai.

Part 10
This episode takes us to Chidambaram Academy of Fine Arts of Chitra Vishveswaran. Her students then perform Ramar Taaluttu which narrates the highlights of Ramayana to young children.
Next is Nartanam Seiyene by the Narasimhacharis and their Kalasamarpana students .

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