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When Gods Dance - DVD 1. BharataNatyam and Kathakali
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60 min
When Gods Dance - DVD 1. BharataNatyam and Kathakali .

Part 1

Kalakshetra Group and a Solo by Krishnaveni Lakshmanan.
Glamorously packaged snippets of a number of star performers, talented newcomers and extracts from popular dance dramas - a bird's eye view of some of the different styles, some basic info about each style, has all been rolled into one TV serial - when The Gods Dance. The first episode starts with Kalakshetra. The principal Krishnaveni Lakshmanan demonstrates a small item to her students. We also have the senior staffs of Kalakshetra who have been under direct tutelage of Rukmani Devi saying a few words, followed by a Thillana choreographed by Smt Rukmini Devi.

Part 2:
Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam (BharataNrityam) & V. P. Dhananjayan (Kathakali). Shri Dhananjayan who is an exponent of not only the Kalakshetra Bharathanatyam but also of Kathakali, performs his most popular item Deiva Karrunyam.
Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam performs Kalings Nartanam, an extract from Krishnaya thubyam namaha which describes how Krishna won over Kalinga, the multi headed serpent and danced on it.

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