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Varnam -The Sum and Substance DVD by Priyadarsini Govind
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50 min
Varnam -The Sum and Substance DVD by Priyadarsini Govind .

An Exposition by Priyadarsini Govind

A DVD & an Audio CD with 2 Varnams demonstrated
Theory, Demonstration & Recital and audio tracks of two varnams

Includes special tips for aspiring dancers

Trikala Jathi with variations Arudi Jathis Sahitya Sanchari Sarpanadai & Thattimettu Mukthyisvara Charanam Charana Svaras  Svarakshara Makuta Svara

Varnam is an important component of Bharathanatyam that ageless and exquisite dance form of India. True to its name, 'Varnam' lends colour , variety and verve to the dance recital and serves as a perfect yardstick to judge the quality of the dance and the competence of the dancer.

This DVD features demonstration & recital of two Varnams:

          (i) "Manavi..." composed by Ponnaya, one of the haloed Thanjavur Quartet in raga Sankarabharanam set to Adi Tala is amorous in content and carries allegorical description of the yearning and ultimate union of the soul with the divinity, Lord Brihadisvarar of Tanjavur.

          (ii)"Nee Manamirangi..." composed by Andavan Pichai in raga Lathangi and set to Adi Tala, stresses the 'bhakti' (devotion) element by extolling the glory of Lord Muruga.

This DVD features exhaustive video demo on Trikala Jathi with variations, Arudi, Jathis, Sahitya, Sanchari,Sarpanadai & Thattimettu, Mukthyisvara, Charanam, Charana Svaras, Svarakshara, Makuta Svara. Besides those crisp and coherent explanations, the product carries some dazzling demonstrations by the danseuse herself.

It comes as a combo pack containing a DVD with full video demos and recital of the above two varnams by 'Nrithya Choodamani' Priyadarsini Govind and an Audio CD that carries the complete audio tracks of Varnams demonstrated in the DVD.

Varnam-the sum & substance is an ideal learning tool that demonstrates how technology can serve as an effective tool to learn the nuances of Bharathanatyam.








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