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The Cadences of Kuchupudi by Uma Muralikrishna
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99 min
The Cadences of Kuchupudi : DVD by Uma Muralikrishna .

Soundarya Manjari - A Cluster of Pathra Pravesha Darus

Here the quintessence of ‘Pathra Pravesa Daru’ the entry number comes alive in the solo recital of Uma Muraleekrishna. Each item is preceded by a detailed description of the composition, the context and the character portrayed.

Bhamane Sathya bhamane -Bhairavi-Misra chapu

This piece from ‘Bhama Kalapam’, a legendary work by Siddhendra Yogi brings out the traits of Sathyabhama, the arrogant queen of Krishna.

Vidalera Voyyarolu -Kedara Gowla -Adi

Taken from ‘Vipranaryana Charitham’, this item exudes Srungara rasa and describes how a devadasi gears up to seduce sage Vipranarayana.

Tharuni Rukmini Vechanamma -Kalyani-Misra chapu

An extract from ‘Rukmini Kalyanam’ speaks about the beauty and poise of Rukmini, Krishna’s consort.

Mathurya Murali - An Exposition of Tarangams

The highlight of ‘Tarangam’ is that the dancer dances on the edge of a brass plate marked by nimble but complicated rhythmic patterns.

Goverdhana giri dhara-Ragamalika-Adi
This composistion of Narayana Theertha from 'Krishna Leela Tarangini' describes how Krishna lifted a mountain with his little finger and sheltered the entire village under it. It also speaks about his boyhood pranks.

Maragatha mani maya chela-Arabi-Adi
This lyric by Uthukadu Venkatasubba Iyer extols the charm of Krishna, his lure and the luster of his garment.








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