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Shrungara Lahari
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113 min
Shrungara Lahari.

Concept & direction by Priyadarsini Govind
A classroom session & recital by Kalanidhi Narayanan & Jamuna Krishnan

The divine delights of Surdas & Vidyapathi

This DVD brings out the poetry of Vidyapathi and Sudras, the northern Indian saint composers and explains how it presents a broad canvas for abhinaya. It creates a unique unique aesthetic experience through a seamless and scintillating fusion of literature, music and abhinaya.

The highlight of the DVD is a classroom session involving Smt. Kalanidhi Narayanan, the legendary abhinaya exponent, and Jamuna Krishnan, her distinguished disciple and a researcher. The two explore the literary genius of Vidyapathi through three important compositions of the 14th century poet:

"Ye sakhi pe kali ik apuroopa" - an awe-struck girl describes Krishna's elegance to her friend.

"Sakhi ki poochasi anubhava" - When quizzed by a friend, the heroine calls her love experiences "indescribable", yet describes them at length!

"Ki kahabu sakhi raath ka baath" - a girl bewails the unrefined behaviour of her lover the previous night and expresses her dismay to her friend.

The classroom discussion is followed by Jamuna Krishnan's lively demonstration (in 3 angles) of the following items:

"Ki kahabu sakhi raath ka baath" - Raag Pilu - Taal Adi - Vidyapathi
"What is there to speak about last night?", asks the heroine in disgust as she complains about her lover's crude and unsophisticated love making.

"Udho mohi brij bisarathu nahi" - Raag Dvijavanti - Taal Adi - Surdas
Krishna's nostalgic recollection of his childhood have been recorded in this verse from Brahmageeth of Surdas.

This DVD is part of the Kalanidhi Narayanan DVD pack
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