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Madura Thillanas in Bharata Natyam - Volume 2
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67 min
Madura Thillanas in Bharata Natyam   - Volume 2 .
  • Prayer: Shlokam, Brindavana Saranga - Aadi (dedicated to Lord Krishna),
  • Sindhu Bhairavi - Adhi (dedicated to Narayana),
  • Valaji - Misra chapu (dedicated to Venkatachalapathy),
  • Chandrakauns - Adi (dedicated to Rama), Revathi - Adi (dedicated to Bhuvaneshwari),
  • Mohanam – Rupakam
  • Saraswathi Manohari – Adi .

Compositions by Madurai N. Krishnan.
Choreography by: Sudharani Raghupathy.

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