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Learn Bharata Natyam - Natya Vardhini Korvais, Padam and Javali
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60 min
Learn BharataNatyam - Natya Vardhini
Korvais, Padam and Javali

Bharatnatyam is the oldest and purest from of Indian classical dance in a combination of music expression and rhythm.

The two aspects of Indian dance, the Tandava (vigorous) and the Lasysa (feminine) blend beautifully in Bharatanatyam. It encompasses all the elements of dance, drama and spiritually elevates the audience. Bharatanatyam includes elements of Bhava, Ragam and Talam in it.

1. Padal Adavus - leaps
2. Utplavanam Adavus - front and side jumps.
3. Thattu mettu Adavus - stamp and Jump
4. Bhedas - Head and Feet movements.
5. Rasas - moods in dance
6. Gaits - types of walks
7. Abhinaya - Padam and Javali - facial expressions.

A disciple of K.J.Sarasa, Srekala Bharath is an exponent of Vazhuvoor style .Srekala started dancing at 7.She is an creative chorographer and an inspirational teacher of international repute. She has created thematic presentations from traditional classics to modern concepts, winning critical acclaim and awards such as Kalaimamani (Tamil nadu state), and the Bharata Rathnam (from the Government of Sri Lanka).

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