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Kummi, Pinnal Kolattam, Bharatanatyam, Karagam, Kavadi, Poikkal Kudirai, Oyillattam and Odissi
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60 min
Dances of India - Disc 3
Kummi, Pinnal Kolattam, Bharatanatyam, Karagam, Kavadi, Poikkal Kudirai, Oyillattam and Odissi

The first episode features a popular folk form of Tamilnadu - Kummi - a simple dance performed only by women by the clapping of their hands. It is a very common form performed in all villages for any happy occasion. A number of poets including Subramaniya Bharati encouraged this art form. Another dance form prevalent in the villages of Tamilnadu is Pinnal Kolattam. This is a rhythmic number performed with sticks, which are tied with coloured ropes from a single point above. As the dance finishes the coloured threads are knotted in a design. The costumes of Bharatanatyam classical dancers were just as simple as the village dancers until about 70 years ago. It was Rukmani Devi Arundale who gave a glamorous at the same time dignified status to the dancer and the dance form.
This episode shows the designer jewellery shops and a tailor's den where specially designed silk costumes are tailored in large numbers to cater to dancers around the world.
This is followed by a demonstration of danseuse Gita Krishna Raj who explains the term Rasa and Bhava common to all dance forms. She also performs a traditional Bharatanatyam Padam.

The following episode features Karagam, a dance where dancers balance pots on their heads, Kavadi - Where men dance with a semi-circular object on their shoulders. Both Karagam and Kavadi dancers perform many acrobatic feats. Poikkal Kudirai - a folk art form where the dancers dance on stills and also wear a dummy - horse costume and Oyillattam - Where young girls perform with hankies. Just ad these simple village arts are based on pure dance, a classical dancer too performs pure nritta numbers. One such is Pandattam or a game of ball performed by popular danseuse Lata Krishnaswamy.

Odissi, one of the oldest classical Indian dance forms belongs to the state of Orrisa. The striking feature of Odissi is its intimate relationship with temple sculptures such as those seen in the famous Sun temple of Konark . Tribhanga, the three-body bend characterizes this dance form. This episode features a Nritta number by danseuse Kavita Dwivedi.

This DVD is part of the Dances of India DVD pack
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