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Jugalbandhi, Bharatanatyam and Kathak
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60 min
Dances of India - Disc 2
Jugalbandhi, Bharatanatyam and Kathak

As Persian dance became popular among the Nawabs in the royal courts a healthy competition developed among the artistes, the movements became more fast moving and grotesque to keep the Nawabs entertained. Nawab Wasid Ali Shah himself wrote a number of songs on Krishna and his pranks, which were choreographed and danced by many dancers. His dance drama Indira Sabha had a number of Hindu characters. Just as Kathak shifted from temples to courts, after a few decades it was performed for royal families and small gatherings. Kathak was danced to Hindu songs as well as Urdu and Hindi Ghazals.

The episode features Shaswati Sen, a student of Guru Birju Maharaj, performing to a urdu ghazal in Lucknow Gahanna style. This episode also features Nalini and Kamalini performing to a Tulsidas Bhajan in Banaras Gahanna style. The Duo also explain the amazing path of Kathak from being performed in the mosques, to the royal courts and finally to the Hindu temples.

Shaswati then performs a Sargam, which is a pure dance number. The nuances in the Persian costume design and jewelery worn by the Kathak artistes are also highlighted. This is followed by a jugalbandhi of Kathak and Bharatanatyam, presenting Nirupama and Rajendra for Kathak and Mridula and Praveen for Bharatanatyam. This number compares and contrasts the similarities and difference in these two classical styles.

This DVD is part of the Dances of India DVD pack
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