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Folk Art Of Madhya Pradesh, Folk Arts Of Rajasthan, Folk Art Of Gujarat, Folk Art Of Mizoram, Mohiniattam, Folk Art Of Tamil Nadu and Bharatanrityam
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65 min
Dances of India - Disc 6
Manipuri, Chao Folk Arts Of Manipur and Folk Arts Of Punjab

The first episode starts with the state of Madhya Pradesh. The village folk of MP are happy seeing rain clouds, and perform the rain dance Phagun.

This episode also features Tere tali - a Rajasthani folk dance where small symbols or manjiras are tied to the hands and legs of the dancers and bells sound in rhythm as they dance. This is followed by another Rajasthani number Duff Dance, performed with small circular drums in hand, during the Holi festival. The men and women of Gujarat perform Dhandiya Ras - a vigorous and rhythmic dance with batons, where the dancers leap and crouch in twirling patterns. This episode starts with a Rajasthani folk number Bhavai danced by balancing several pots one above the other. Most of the folk dances evolved as a spontaneous way of life rather than entertainment. For example, Tippani was danced as the women labourers were laying roads much before the arrival of mechanized gadgets for road laying. Rhythm is the core of dance and the tribes of Mizoram in Eastern India perform the Bamboo dance, weaving intricate patterns in and out of the bamboo sticks. The next item is Mohiniattam dance of Kerala, performed by Nandita Prabhu.

There is no city or state in the world, which does not celebrate a wedding. However, there are some people who celebrate it with pomp and splendour like the Rajasthan is. Here is a dance Baaraat describing a Rajasthani wedding. We move back to Tamil Nadu where we started and show a small folk number Kolattam performed by young girls in villages.

The classical forms of India are based on Natyashastra. This aspect of Unity in diversity had been well researched by Dr. Padma Subramanyam and forms the basis of her style BharataNrityam. This episode features a Kuyilpattu Varnam (a song by poet Subramaniya Bharati) performed by Dr. Padma.

The serial concludes with a montage of the various dance forms portrayed in these 13 parts.

This DVD is part of the Dances of India DVD pack
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