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Dances of India - Anita Ratnam
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45 min
Dances of India - Anita Ratnam and other dancers .

Oldest of all classical dance forms in India, Bharatanatyam is the dance of mind & soul. It uplifts the dancer and the beholder to a higher level of spiritual consciousness. This dance form features in the ancient treatise on the science of dramaturgy called 'Natyasasthra,' compiled by sage Bharata.

The beauty of Bharatanatyam is characterized by the flow of bhava (emotion), raga (melody) and tala (rhythm). Today, it is one of the few dance forms that mesmerizes millions of ardent students and admirers all over the world with its aesthetic appeal.

Anita Ratnam is a cultural activist, and the guiding force of Arangam Dance Theatre based in Chennai.











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