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Bharatham Mahaabhaaratam - Amba Shikhandi by Priya Murle - Natyarangam
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58 min

Bharatam Mahabharatam
Amba Shikhandi by Priya Murle

Natyarangam - Annual Thematic Dance Series

One of the characters in the ancient Mahaabhaarata is Amba, who had the resolve and strength to fight back and settle the scores in a man’s world in his own manner. The viewers will be fascinated to learn that how different the gender-change issue was treated in the ancient times, and why there were no homosexual marriages eons ago. The story of Amba Shikhandi is loosely based on the Mahabharata, Villi Bharatham, Sekhizhars Periya Puranam , Bharatiyar's, and, most importantly, from the Tamil play titled Pani Thee, by Dr. Mangai.

Prof. Sudharani Raghupathy's most talented student, Priya Murle has excelled as an outstanding performer, remarkable choreographer and a teacher who has also done a thorough research in aesthetics and has worked on the Rasa theory. She is s talented martial arts exponent and has attended workshops in Kalari, Taichi and has also undergone training in Therukoothu. .

Credits: Sasirekha Balasubrahmaniam
Concept : NatyaRangam
Research : Dr. Prema Nandakumar
Guidance : Sudharani Raghupathy, Rama Kausalya, Prof. Raghuraman
Jathis : K.S.R.Anirudha
Music : Nandini Anand

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