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Bharatanatyam - Teertha Bharatham - Godavari by Nalini Prakash
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57 min
Bharatanatyam - Teertha Bharatham - Godavari by Nalini Prakash .

Teertha Bharatham was the theme of Natyarangam's annual dance festival held in August 2008. In this DVD is presented the river Godavari.

Rivers have been the cradles of civilizations. They used to be venerated as benevolent Mother Goddesses. A holy dip in their sacred water is still considered to be a cleansing for the body and spirit. The perennial flow of the rivers from its origin to the sea, symbolises the journey of the soul to merge with the universal spirit.

Godavari is a sacred river of south India, and the second longest river in India. From the Brahmagiri mountain, at an elevation of about 1000 metres the Godavari springs forth in a spot called Gangadwara. The rock has the shape of a cow's face and nearby is a temple to Mother Godavari. It flows eastwards elevating the Deccan plateau. Entering Andhra Pradesh, the river turns southeast to flow on for more than 300 km to enter the Bay of Bengal. Its banks abounding in groves and frequented by ascetics are centers of Vedic studies even today.

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