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Bharatanatyam - Teertha Bharatham - Brahmaputra by Shijith Nambiar
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54 min
Bharatanatyam - Teertha Bharatham - Brahmaputra by Shijith Nambiar .

Teertha Bharatham was the theme of Natyarangam's annual dance festival held in August 2008. In this DVD is presented the river Brahmaputra.

Rivers have been the cradles of civilizations. They used to be venerated as benevolent Mother Goddesses. A holy dip in their sacred water is still considered to be a cleansing for the body and spirit. The perennial flow of the rivers from its origin to the sea, symbolises the journey of the soul to merge with the universal spirit.

Performed by Shijith Nambiar, commented by Dr. Lalita Ramakrishna.

Brahmaputra, the "son of Brahma" is the most important among the few male rivers. It flows out of the Manas lake at the foot of Mt. Kailash. The water is cold and the river is called Tamchok (horse river), in central and East Tibet it is Tsang Po (pure river), in Arunachal Pradesh it is the Siang, in Assam it is called Lohit (red river) and in Bangladesh where it joins the combined waters of the Ganga and Jamuna, it is called Padma (the lotus). It finally joins the Meghna before flowing into the sea. It has a huge size and spread, strength and power during the monsoons and is called 'saagar' (sea).

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