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Bharatanatyam - Doordarshan Archives Volume 2
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Bharatanatyam - Doordarshan Archives Volume 2

Featuring Padma Subrahmaniam, Sudharani Raghupati, Chitra Visweswaran & S. Kanaka.
Bharatanatyam's aesthetic aim is to evoke aesthetic feelings or 'rasa' in the viewer. Also shared is a spiritual aim where all art forms become disciplines in aid of self-realization and in experiencing a higher level of consciousness. Spirituality and dance become soul mates, with devotional themes becoming a part of dance.

Padma Subramaniam
  • Shiva Stuti
  • Thiruvempavai
  • Meera Bhajan
  • Sudharani Raghupati
  • Periazhwar Pasuram
  • Varuga Varuga
  • Andal Pasuram
  • Tillana
  • Chitra Visweswaran
  • Narayana Kavutvam
  • Tillana
  • Shankari Sham Kuru
  • S.Kanaka
  • Varnam
















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