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67 min
Aradhana - the celebration of a celestial art  by Dr. Vyjayantimala Bali - DVD

Mela Prapti - Nattai - Anga - Thanjavur Quartet - A peppy flourish played on the mridangam as a prelude to a Bharata Natyam recital revived by Dr. Bali

‘Kaana Aavalaanane’ - Swarajathi - Kambhodi - Rupakam - Thanjavur Quartet
The Swarajathi is a Srungara-based central piece that lays equal emphasis on nritta (pure dance) and abhinaya the expressional content. Here the lovelorn Nayika (heroine) pines for Peruvudayan or Brihadeeswara, the God of Thanjavur.

Srungara Lahari - Keertanam - Nilambari - Adi -Mysore Lingaraja Urs - A devotional song that extols Goddess Devi, the embodiment of Srungara

Slokam - Ragamaligai - A hymn with vivid descriptions of lord Krishna’s dance with his consort Radha and Gopikas, his finery and the rhythm of the drums.

Tillana - Dhanasri - Adi - Swati Tirunal - A component of pure dance with complex rhythmic syllables interwoven with verses that describe the dance of Krishna and the maidens.

This DVD is a compilation of some rare items performed by Dr. Vyjayantimala Bali. Taken from live recordings of her concerts in different places, times and on different occasions.

Presenting and performing these pieces seldom seen on stage these days, Dr.Vyjayantimala Bali delights the viewers with all that she imbibed from legendary gurus like Vazuvoor Ramiah Pillai, K.N.Dandayuthapani Pillai, Thanjavur Kitappa Pillai and Mylapore Gowri Ammal.

Flawless in style and fascinating in content, it's a delectable audio visual fare for Bharatanatyam lovers.


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