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Adavus with Music
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.Adavus with Music (1 DVD & 2 Audio CD's) in Kalakshetra style
by Jayanthi Subramaniam

Nritta in Bharatanatyam is a pure dance, not just the steps but the various co-ordinated movements of the eye,neck,hands,legs and the entire body, which do not convey any verbal meaning but convey the dancer's mood and produce an aesthetic relish. The basic unit of Nritta is adavu.

In this DVD some of the basic excercise of Carnatic music such as the Sarali Varisai, Janta Varisai, Mel Sthayi Varisai,Dhattu Varidsai, Alankaram have been incorporated into the scheme of adavus.

The two audio CDs contain the sollukattus and music required for practice of the advus. The DVD contains the additional information about the diffrent clusters of adavus, the names of ragas used and the comments of Adyar Sri K.Lakshman,Smt Kalanidhi Narayanan , Bhagavatulu Seetharama Sharma.

DVD content:

Audio CD I

1.slokam & thatti kumbidal
5.kuditthu mettadavu &
kuditthu mettadavu with thaiyathaiyi

Audio CD II

1.thath thai tham
2.thahatha jham tari tha
3.theermanam adavu
4.paicchal adavu
5.thai thai that tha
6.thangidu thath tha &
kartari adavu
7.mandi adavu
8.sarukkal adavu
9.katthi dadavu
10.thatti mettadavu

3.paraval adavu
4.kuditthu mettadavu & kuditthu mettadavu
with thaiyathaiyi
6.thath thai tham adavu
7.messages of gurus
8.thahatha jham tari tha
9.theermanam adavu
10.paicchal adavu
11.thai thai thath tha
12.thangidu thath tha dhinna & kartari adavu
13.mandi adavu
14.sarukkal adavu
15.katthi adavu
16.thatti mettadavu


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