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Abhinaya - Demonstration and Recital by Priyadarsini Govind
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Disc 1 & 2
108 min
Abhinaya - Demonstration and Recital by Priyadarsini Govind .

These 2 DVDs focus on the aesthetics and applications of Abhinaya. It provides interesting insights into Angika (mime), Vachika (speech/vocal music), Aharya (costume) and Satvika Abhinayas besides a fine exposition of its fresh and fascinating aspects like Loka Dharmi, Natya Dharmi, Bhavas, Rasas, Sancharis.

This product is presented by ‘Nrithya Choodamani’ Priyadarsini Govind, the distinguished danseuse and packed with lively line-to-line demonstrations of lyrics by young Bharata natyam students, it attempts to provide a comprehensive view of Abhinaya.

The DVD includes a classroom session where the Guru and the disciples have a one-to-one discussion on the significance and subtleties of Abhinaya. And what’s more, you have Smt. Kalanidhi Narayanan, an authority on Abinaya sharing her rich expertise with the viewers.

The ‘Recital’ DVD is a collage of seven dazzling demos by Priyadarsini Govind and her disciple set to lilting compositions by eminent lyricists.

List of compositions
Rusli Radha Rangeshwar
Chaliye Swathi thirunaal
Maadu meikkum A folk melody
Devi Neeye Thunai Papanasam Sivan
Yethanai Sonnalum Vaitheeswaran Koil Subbarama Iyer
Theeraatha Vilayattu Pillai Mahakavi Subrmanya Bharathi
Vallikanavan Perai Kilikanni








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