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Aavaahanam - Summoning Celestials - Lavanya Ananth
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60 min
Aavaahanam - Summoning Celestials - Lavanya Ananth

Nrittanjalis and Sthutis by Lavanya Ananth

This DVD unfurls the features and finer aspects of Nrittanjali, a unique invocatory piece in the pure dance genre which involves an arresting array of body movements and footwork.

Here Lavanya Ananth, the foremost among the new generation of Bharatanatyam dancers of India (and the disciple of Gurus S.K.Rajarathnam, K.J.Sarasa, Kalanidhi Narayanan and Bragha Bessel) performs three pulsating Nrittanjalis followed by Sthutis or devotional compositions for dance.

In this DVD, sacred texts by ancient Indian saints in praise of Ardha Nariswara (the half woman manifestation of Shiva), Harihara (the form of Shiva who is half Vishnu) and Amba (the Universal Mother) have been adapted for music and dance. Each presentation is a fine synthesis of superior music, dance and lyrics and sets a new benchmark for aspiring dancers. The performance is preceded by a clear introduction of the item and word-by-word description of the lyrics, context and the mood portrayed in it.








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